Main Export Country

With world-wide marketing network, mature QMS and advanced equipment & technology, CEPAI devote to offer full solutions and superior products to oil & gas industry, power plant, chemical industry, mining, water treatment and general industrial system customers as supplier and manufacturer in global fluid industry.

CEPAI has ISO9001, ISO14000, CE, TS Certificate etc, is a supplier for many large state-owned enterprises like Sinopec, Petro-China, National Electric, Huadian, Hua-
neng and Datang Power etc, credit rating is AAA. CEPAI is also awarded by Jiangsu Measurement Commission as top-rank industry every year.

CEPAI has several work-
shops of control valve, valve assemble and test, pressure and temperature instruments, flow meter, coating flow line etc.

CEPAI has modern CNC machine tools, DC welder, argon welding machine, shot blasting equipment, ring type suspension assemble line etc.