Eccentric Rotary Control Valve
Eccentric Rotary Control Valve
Brief Description

Pneumatic eccentric rotary control valve (also called camflex) with Masoneilan technology combined with our characteristics, combines the advantages of single seat valves, ball valves, butterfly valves, etc., has a simple structure, small size, light weig


1, The packing are similar as ball valve, which the sealing performance is much better than sliding stem valve, and the medium will be easy sealed by packing.


2, Simple flow channel, small flow resistance and double flow direction.


3, Wide range of temperature and whole casting of body and bonnet, which the temperature will be up to 450℃ if extended and finned bonnet are used.


4, Wide adjustable range, which can be 100:1


5,Small torque of open and close and small wear of plug and seat due to eccentric structure plug.


6, The big rate flow coefficient.


7,The instant shearing between plug and seat can cut fibers in medium and be automatically cleared of solid particles on the seat, especially for high viscosity and contained particles medium.


8,Small in size, low weight and steady working performance.


Technical Parameter


·Body type: Globe type

·Nominal diameter: DN40~300mm

·Nominal Pressure: 1.6, 2.5, 4.0, 6.4Mpa;ANSI 150, 300, 600

·Connection:   Flanged, Wafer type

·Body material: WCB, WC6, WC9, LCB, CF8, CF8M etc

·Bonnet: Integral(-60 ~ 350℃)

·Packing: PTFE, Flexible Graphite


Trim Parts:

Disc type: Metal seal, Soft seal

Flow Characteristic: Liner, EQP

Trim Material: 304, 316, 304L, 316L etc



1,Pneumatic Actuator

Model: 6600 Rolling diaphragm, 6300 Cylinder Actuator

Air Supply: 0.14,0.16,0.28,0.4,0.5MPa
Gas joint   RC1/4”, RC3/8”, RC1/2”

Ambient temperature  -30~+70℃

Acting: Air open (Reverse acting), Air close (Direct acting), Double acting


2, Electric Actuator

Model: 6300 Series Electric Actuator

Voltage: 220V、380V

Ambient temperature  -30~+70℃

Control signal: 4-20mADC (4-20mA feedback is available according to requirement)



Leakage:  Conforms to ANSI B16.104 IV     

Adjustable Ratio: 100:1

Return Difference: 1﹪(With positioner)

Linear: ±1﹪(With positioner)


Accessories (Equipped according to requirement)

Positioner, air filter regulator, hand wheel, limit switch, solenoid valve,,Pneumatic valve, lock up valve.


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