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CEPAI Certificates
The ISO International Organization for standardization offers guarantees of product and service quality, and it clearly proves an enterprise or organization's orientation regarding the international market. In the globalized environment of industrial society, especially the fast increasing manufacturing country, an international quality standard which is accepted widely among all the quality standards is necessary and helpful. According to the demanding of trend, ISO 9001 certification is recognized all over the world as a document and implementation that guarantees international standards of quality regarding products and service of a company. In CEPAI Group, Shanghai MKYD Instrument Co., Ltd (Now CEPAI development and research center) was the first company of CEPAI Group to get the ISO 9001 certification in 1998. It helps to improve the quality management and service and extend influence with our market development. Now the certification has been acquired by CEPAI Group valve Co., Ltd, CEPAI Group Petroleum Machinery, CEPAI Instrument Co., Ltd, and all of the production base, as well as marketing, service, R&D Center. As the development of environmental awareness and society accountability of company, CEPAI Group treated it as a key important issue. By building the environmental management systems, CEPAI became one of few companies, who really got and implemented certification of ISO 14001 international environmental standards.
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