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Quality Assurance

About Credit

We believe credit is key for international famous brand. Super product quality comes from excellent employee quality. Only improve products quality as well as employee quality can a company improve its own quality which is base to survive. Chinese learns from sages and men of virtue for thousands of years, thus credit and integrity is deeply rooted in our hearts. It’s the same being an outstanding individual as well as an excellent enterprise; credit and faith still have continuous effect on modern economic development which is essential resources to commercial activities.
Therefore, credit system becomes a core for a company to develop permanently. And standing at some point, market economy is also credit economy. Social resources configuration like market material flow, capital flow, manpower flow, information flow etc, all of them take credit as premise too. We all admit that a high-efficiency company must have good public impression; company with bad reputation will fade easily. In one word, a strong and powerful company must have sound credit which is root for a company to stand in a long time.

About Quality

We always reward our customers with the best quality products, and our quality management system is strictly in accordance with ISO, to make the most perfect product is our target all the time. Thus besides a large number of international modern detection devices which are used to test valves, petroleum machinery products and instruments, we also have professional test employees who are in charge of receiving inspection, process inspection and final inspection. We have quick and high-efficiency chemical analytical equipment-optical spectrum analyzer, mechanical performance test equipment-microcomputer universal test equipment and low-temperature impact testing equipment which can carry on tensile test, bending test, normal and low temperature impact test, we also have impact test specimen gap manual broacher, impact test specimen gap projector to produce and test specimen gap. We have MT/PT test equipment, formulate surface nondestructive damage regulation; we carry on dye test to stainless steel valve body surface as well as magnetic particle test to alloy steel valve body and carbon steel valve body above 18”. We also carry on sampling test to carbon steel valve body below 18” based on actual response. Complete set of test equipment improves products inspection standard, we promise to supply super-qualified products to our thousands of customers. CEPAI integrates all of our resources to offer the first-class products and service at the most favorable price to end users. All of the design, production, inspection and test are executed based on customer requirements, relative instructions and international standards. Actually, current industrial standard can not avoid degeneration under the working condition and operation environment. To know better about the executive standard, our engineering department keeps in touch with our customers all the time to solve products problems during work and lengthen products service life at the maximum angle. We believe that top-class and strict modern quality management system will produce the most favorable products to our customers.