Sleeve Single-Seated Control valve
Sleeve Single-Seated Control valve
Brief Description

5613 type cage control valve is a kind of high performance valve, suitable for flash cavitations service, solid sleeve protects the body to keep away from flash and cavitation damage. Streamline flow in an S-shaped type, less pressure drop loss, large flo



Type: Single-Seated casting ball valve

DN: 15-200mm

PN: PN1.6、4.0、6.4,MPa ,ANSI125、150、300、600;

Connection: Flange, BW, SW(apply to DN15-DN50)

Body Material: WCB,WC6,WC9,C5, CF8,CF8M etc.
Bonnet Type: Standard type(P):-17~+230℃

          Elongation type(E1): -45-17℃、+230-566℃

          Elongation type(E2): -100-45℃

          Elongation type(E3):-196-100℃


Gland type: Bolt pressing type
Packing: PTFE, Teflon asbestos and flexible graphite

Valve trim
Valve disc:Sleeve single-seated plunger valve disc

Control characteristic: Equal-percentage, linear, quick open
Trim material:304,304bead weld with STL, 316,316 bead weld STL, 316L etc


(1)  Pneumatic-actuator

Type: 6100 spring type Diaphragm mechanism

Membrane material: Ethylene propylene rubber nylon

Spring range: 20-100KPa、40-200KPa、80-240KPa

Air supply pressure: 140KPa、160KPa、280KPa、400KPa

Air supply connection:Rc1/4、Rc3/8

Environment Temp: -30-+70℃

Acting type: air open ( reverse acting), air close (positive acting)

Note: (1) The type of large diameter or high pressure difference control valve can also be with 6400 series straight stroke piston actuator.
(2) if the environment temperature below 30 ℃, please contact with Cepai engineers.

Electric actuators

Type: 6200 series electric actuators

Voltage: 220V、380V

Environment Temp: -30-+70℃

Control Signal: 4-20mADC(supply 4-20mA signal feedback as per customer requirement)


Leakage rate: Metal seat: accordance with ANSI B16.104 IV level which is below CV rate 0.01%.

Nonmetal seat: accordance with ANSI B16. 104 VI level which is below CV rate 10-7

Adjustable ratio: 50:1(Optional 100:1)

Variation:±1%( with positioner) ±3% (no positioner)

Linear: ±2%( with positioner) ±5% (no positioner)

Accessories ( As per requirements)


Positioner, Filter Regulator, hand wheel, limit switch, solenoid valve, valve position transmitter, pneumatic valve, speed increaser, lock up valve etc.