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5613Sleeve Single-Seated Control valve
5613Sleeve Single-Seated Control valve
Brief Description

5613 type cage control valve is a kind of high performance valve, suitable for flash cavitations service, solid sleeve protects the body to keep away from flash and cavitation damage. Streamline flow in an S-shaped type, less pressure drop loss, large flow, wide adjustable range. Guiding area of valve disc is large, good vibration resistance. Regulation performance completely conform to the IEC or GB standard. Pneumatic control valve with spring thin membrane actuator, more compact structure, big output force. It is widely used in process pipeline service with high reliability and high closure performance, because of the wide range of materials and various design, make the valve can be applied in different industries (such as: chemical, gas, electric power, papermaking, food, metallurgical and mining, etc.).



Type: Single-Seated casting ball valve

DN: 15-200mm

PN: PN1.6、4.0、6.4,MPa ,ANSI125、150、300、600;

Connection: Flange, BW, SW(apply to DN15-DN50)

Body Material: WCB,WC6,WC9,C5, CF8,CF8M etc.
Bonnet Type: Standard type(P):-17~+230℃

          Elongation type(E1): -45-17℃、+230-566℃

          Elongation type(E2): -100-45℃

          Elongation type(E3):-196-100℃


Gland type: Bolt pressing type
Packing: PTFE, Teflon asbestos and flexible graphite

Valve trim
Valve disc:Sleeve single-seated plunger valve disc

Control characteristic: Equal-percentage, linear, quick open
Trim material:304,304bead weld with STL, 316,316 bead weld STL, 316L etc


(1)  Pneumatic-actuator

Type: 6100 spring type Diaphragm mechanism

Membrane material: Ethylene propylene rubber nylon

Spring range: 20-100KPa、40-200KPa、80-240KPa

Air supply pressure: 140KPa、160KPa、280KPa、400KPa

Air supply connection:Rc1/4、Rc3/8

Environment Temp: -30-+70℃

Acting type: air open ( reverse acting), air close (positive acting)

Note: (1) The type of large diameter or high pressure difference control valve can also be with 6400 series straight stroke piston actuator.
(2) if the environment temperature below 30 ℃, please contact with Cepai engineers.

Electric actuators

Type: 6200 series electric actuators

Voltage: 220V、380V

Environment Temp: -30-+70℃

Control Signal: 4-20mADC(supply 4-20mA signal feedback as per customer requirement)


Leakage rate: Metal seat: accordance with ANSI B16.104 IV level which is below CV rate 0.01%.

Nonmetal seat: accordance with ANSI B16. 104 VI level which is below CV rate 10-7

Adjustable ratio: 50:1(Optional 100:1)

Variation:±1%( with positioner) ±3% (no positioner)

Linear: ±2%( with positioner) ±5% (no positioner)

Accessories ( As per requirements)


Positioner, Filter Regulator, hand wheel, limit switch, solenoid valve, valve position transmitter, pneumatic valve, speed increaser, lock up valve etc.